Wrapping your Fleet Vehicles for Leads

Trophey Ridge Fleet Wrap Graphics

Wrapping your Fleet Vehicles for Leads

Marketing costs are on the rise and most small business owners are searching for ways to build their brand without breaking the bank. Between the rabbit hole called Facebook and the Google money pit, more and more businesses are turning to fleet wrapping for leads. But the question is, does wrapping your commercial vehicles actually work?

Is Wrapping a Fleet Vehicle Really Worth It?

According to Perception Research, mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention that billboards. In fact, 98% of in car audiences indicated that they noticed truck-side ads. When you combine that with the fact that Americans spend an average of 15 hours per week in the car and that commute times have increased by 14%, commercial wraps are not only worth it, but vitally important.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A wrap is essentially a moving billboard. Professionals like Wolf Design will work with you to create your custom design and then print it on vinyl. Once the design is created and printed onto vinyl, it is then applied the surface of your vehicle. You can choose to wrap your entire surface, or you can go with a partial wrap. This allows you to do everything from change the color of your car or truck to have a fully customized moving billboard!

What Next?

So, whether you have one vehicle for your handyman services business or have five trucks running for your HVAC and plumbing company, wrapping your vehicles is a great way to market your business. Contact Wolf Designs today for your FREE quote and start building your brand in a whole new way.