New Year, New Product

Wolf Designs - ClarityCoat

New Year, New Product

As part of our ongoing commitment to being the best graphic design company in Arizona, Wolf Designs is proud to announce a new product offering! We are the exclusive providers for ClarityCoat, a revolutionary new sprayable paint protection system that can provide your vehicle with unrivaled protection from road debris by providing over 200 Microns (8 Mils) of security.

Not only does ClarityCoat protect your vehicle from the hazards of the road but it gives you a whole new way to change the color of your paint. While the clear option ensures that your existing paint job stays pristine, we also give you the ability to choose from any OEM paint color on the market.

Best of all, ClarityCoat won’t yellow, can be sanded or polished to any finish, has no hidden knife cuts, has no edges or lines and if you decide to remove it, leaves no residue behind.

Not only can ClarityCoat be applied to your vehicle, but we can apply it to virtually any automotive surface including over the top of vinyl wrap. So, whether you want to keep your Tesla looking brand new or you want to change the color of your play car, ClarityCoat gives you unrivaled protection with limitless options.

Here at Wolf, we believe in selling only the best products on the market and ClarityCoat takes protection to the next level. So, call us today for a custom wrap or design for your car, UTV, ATV, trailer, van or motorcycle, and protect that investment long term by adding ClarityCoat.