New Year, New Product

written by Wolf Designs

January 21, 2020

New Year, New Product

One of the newest products that have our taste buds salivating like Pavlov’s dog is the new Cosmetic PPF (Paint Protection Film) by a local company called FlexiShield.  This company is very close to us in the very dry region of the United States of America we like to call Arizona. Yeah, it’s hot, and dare I say, this product is hotter. 

Let’s Talk about Colors

The most common colors we see on the majority of vehicles are either Black or White.  They are a classic, ageless color that never goes out of style. We’ve come a long way since Henry Ford’s famous quote about the Model T, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black.”  Solid color options for painting cars are endless, but when it comes to vinyl wraps, they go far beyond. Color wraps essentially mimic paint, and depending on which Cosmetic PPF you choose, once it is installed on the car from a professional installer like Wolf Designs, it would be hard to see the difference even up close. 

This new product that Wolf Designs can offer our customers gets us more excited than a fresh Huckleberry pie  — which, by the way, it is a great name for a color.  Just saying, the Huckleberry part, not the pie part. With 36 dynamic colors to choose from like Racing Red, Acidic Lime, Cerulean and Marmalade — wait just a minute, Marmalade? Let me see what real Marmalade looks like. A few moments later…. Wow! That’s cool, looks just like Marmalade, with a little metallic for some extra sophistication that will help your car slip through the night. Nice work, FlexiShield!

What about the Features? 

 While other color wraps are decent at protecting your original paint, the FlexiShield Cosmetic PPF is the ultimate in paint protection. To get this level of protection from your standard color wrap you would have to pay for essentially two wraps and two installs: one to get the color, and the other would be for your standard clear paint protection film installed. FlexiShield’s Cosmetic PPF is 8 MIL thick compared to a standard color wrap that is only 2 MIL thick. Plus, the benefit of Cosmetic PPF is that it has an actual car paint resin layer right under the top coating, and a clear layer, adding additional gloss. This makes it as close to actual paint over typical color wraps that are printed colors. The top paint protection layer is a dense top coat with a beautiful crystal-clear finish that never yellows or cracks, effectively safeguarding any vehicle’s paint from common scratches, road debris and other hazards.   

Under the paint layer is a 4.5 MIL polyurethane film layer that gives the Cosmetic PPF its self-healing properties. This is a flexible layer that can self-heal once damage occurs, similar to the acceleration rate of Superman’s self-healing/regenerative powers. Common scratches and abrasions can be averted with this easy solution. With stain resistance built in, it resists hard water, acid rain and solvents across the surface of materials like paint protection film.

Our Wolf Designs car wrapped in Cosmetic PPF

What is the cost? 

It is on the higher side of the price fence, but its benefits far outweigh costs if you compare it to a typical, respectable paint job from a professional. And with its Flexible construction and repositionable adhesives, it makes FlexiShield film products easy to install on any vehicle. And they are backed by a ten (10) year comprehensive warranty.  For more information about FlexiSheild visit