Paint Protection

written by Wolf Designs

January 24, 2020

You just invested a chunk of money into that new car or truck and you love the way it looks. But, like any vehicle, that shiny new paint job won’t stay perfect for long. So, what are your options for protecting your investment and making sure that your paint stands the test of time? Have a professional like Wolf Designs install Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Wolf Designs offers top choice Xpel Paint Protection Films for nearly any vehicle.  Below illustrated in green are your different options for protecting your car’s paint from rock chips and other contaminants.


Front Bikini Protection


Full Front Protection


Full Front and Custom Cut Paint Protection


Full Car Coverage Paint Protection

Don’t get caught driving down the road without proper protection 

Having paint protection for your vehicle is important. Just like insurance protects your vehicle in case you crash or if someone crashes into you, Paint Protection Film will protect your vehicle’s paint from the constant bombardment of rocks and debris littering our country’s highly maintained roads. There’s nothing worse than spending hard-earned cash or easily earned gambling wins on your Rolls-Royce Phantom, only to have the lifted truck in front of you that decided mud flaps don’t look cool sling rocks at the front of your beautiful painted bonnet, scaring the Spirit of Ecstasy figure adorning the leading edge of your hood half to death. PPF will protect your paint from nasty scenarios like this and will also help against any scratches.  Good luck getting the insurance companies to pay for chips in your paint, sun-fading or any other blemishes that may pop up. 

It’s, like, built with Super Hero technology. 

With the self-healing properties of Superman, PPF will self-heal light scratches and swirl marks with a light heat application to the film’s surface. Unlike a Minion, Paint Protection Film is non-yellowing from daily UV exposure.   

Cruella Deville would hate to have this non-spotting protection film on her 1974 Panther De Ville Saloon, but she sure would enjoy its resistance to specs, splotches, or other contaminants (not that she would ever let you know it).   

Contradictory to a car-centric sci-fi horror film produced by Alfred Hitchcock, PPF keeps your vehicle’s surfaces safe from things like gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and also stops paint chips before they start. 

If that’s not enough, say goodbye to lifting & delamination that Xpel Protection Film has proudly kicked to the past. Three words: IT STAYS STUCK!  

The Full Monty 

Before installing the PPF, we can do a 2-stage paint correction to get rid of scratches and bring back the factory gloss.  We can then install a full wrap using Xpel Paint Protection Film to protect the paint for years to come.  To top it off, we can then lay down a full Opticoat Ceramic Coating to make it easier to maintain and make cleaning a breeze!  This combo beads water like nobody’s business.  Check out this black Range Rover below. It received the works! It turned out flawless and will look that way until the PPF is removed.  Check out Paint Protection Film Page for more images.