Wolf Designs has specialized in UTV wraps since the very beginning of the UTV industry. We have custom UTV wraps for today’s hottest sport UTVs, including most Polaris side-by-sides like the Polaris General, RZR, and the new Pro XP and Pro R format.  We also wrap UTVs from Can-Am, like the popular Maverick X3. As UTV owners and enthusiasts, we have had every style of sport UTV throughout the years. We get what’s cool, and making you look cool is what we do. 

Personalizing your vehicle is not anything new. Gearheads have been personalizing their vehicles since the introduction of the automotive age. We all remember the Hot Rod years of the '50s, '60s, and early '70s when no car was safe from customization or personalization.  Today is no different.   We can customize your UTV to match your personality or you can mix and match designs and colors we have already created.  The opportunities are endless.  Cool ain't cheap, and cheap ain't cool.

There isn’t a limit to what Wolf Designs can accomplish for your UTV. We pride ourselves on being professional and in constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. We are confident that we can get your UTV ready for any season, with quality vinyl that will last you for years to come. Consider contacting us about your UTV today!

Wolf Designs has been wrapping vehicles of all shapes and sizes since 1995, so chances are we’ve seen it and wrapped it with high quality vinyl. Our team of designers and installers can turn your project into something you can be proud of. We’re grateful to our UTV customers, and we look forward to serving you.