Chrome Delete Wraps


Chrome Don’t Get you Home

There was a time when chrome was all the rage — big chrome bumpers, chrome mirrors, chrome side trim, chrome trim everywhere. “Chrome don’t get you home” is an old saying between friends. There’s always that one guy who spent a ton of money on chrome for his car to make it look snazzy. And it never failed, when he went cruising down the boulevard in the chromed-out car, it would break down because he never spent any money on the parts of the car that mattered. He wanted to look all flashy, but he spent most of his time embarrassed by being broken down on the side of the road. Don’t get me wrong — chrome still has its place, just not on a modern day car or truck. Today’s newer offerings from the car and truck manufacturers have less and less chrome, if any, and they look great!

It’s an exciting time right now with so much new technology and design coming together to work as one. A chrome delete is almost what it sounds like – get rid of it. Rather than remove the chrome parts, we can wrap your existing chrome with any color you choose. Black is a popular choice to give that higher-end appeal to your car. This is probably the least expensive option to dramatically change your car from an old fuddy-duddy to a respectable car that even your kids would like to drive. What would be even more exciting is if everyone brought their cars to Wolf Designs for our special-priced Chrome Delete packages.


The best part about changing a vehicle’s look is the ability to change it back if you want to. Vinyl wrapping is perfect for anyone that may change their mind later because chrome delete is completely reversible. It is not technically involved to remove a vinyl wrap, and mostly requires a heat gun and some patience. Wolf Designs does recommend that a professional completes any removal of vinyl from your vehicle, as it can often turn bad without the proper training.

Chrome delete is a great way to improve the look of your vehicle, and Wolf Designs can help you. We use high quality materials, so you’ll be happy with the overall look and design of your project. One of the larger benefits of removing the chrome look is to create a more aggressive and uninterrupted look to your vehicle’s lines. This will leave you with a classy and understated look so you can stand out from the rest of the road warriors battling to get to work.