Fleet Wraps


Custom Wrap Coverage Options for Fleet Service

The best way for your customers to identify your company is through fleet wraps. Shown below are Custom Fleet Wrap Coverage Options & verbiage that Wolf Designs uses when quoting a Custom Fleet Wrap for your service vehicles.

Truck with Decals

Truck with Decals

Partial vinyl wrap on truck

Partial Wrap (part of the original paint is exposed)

Full Wrap

Do you want to attract more customers to your company?

Did you know that a fleet vehicle wrapped with your company’s logo and your company’s theme can be seen thousands of times a day? This is your company’s mobile billboard. As it travels around your city, it catches the eyes of 40,000+ potential new customers a day. Knowing this fact will get you a Grande Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino with two caramel pumps and one cinnamon dolce pump at Starbucks for $5.  Visit our Fleet Portfolio Page for more.


No project is too small or too large. Whether you're a new business looking to wrap your first vehicle, or you have a commercial fleet of 100+ vehicles, we can work with you. Our in-house graphics team can design a new brand identity logo for your company or freshen up an outdated logo. We can work with you to facilitate your custom-designed and installed fleet vehicle wraps for your company.

It is important to partner with a company that has the knowledge and expertise to attract customers to your company. A vinyl vehicle wrap for your fleet service vehicle is the best investment you can make for your company. It is the difference between looking like an amateur or a seasoned professional when you arrive at the job site. Not sure what you want? Check out our Fleet Concepts page for ready-to-go designs to get you up and running faster.