RV / Trailer Wraps


Your Home on Wheels

Sometimes the manufacturer’s RV wrap graphics are okay, but most of the time they’re not.  You don’t want your home on wheels looking like last year’s model. Upgrade your RV, coach, or toy hauler with graphics you can live with and live in. Who wants a manufacturer’s name on your trailer? Are they paying you to advertise for them? If your stationary home doesn’t have a big sign with the home builder’s name on it, why should your RV? Match your coach’s graphics with your new double stacker trailer and ditch the manufacturer’s branding. Live in style, not in denial while on the road. 

Think of it as a big billboard. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wrap an RV or toy hauler with your company’s logo and custom graphics for the huge advertising benefit and, well, you know, tax purposes. Some trailers and RVs are as big, if not bigger than, a real billboard you see up high traveling down the interstate. We will tell you that no one misses our Wolf Designs wrapped truck and trailer while driving down the road. Visit our RV/Trailer Portfolio Page for more.



If you own an RV and you own off-road toys, chances are you have some sort of trailer to haul those toys that you would like to match with your RV. This will give you a coordinated look as you're heading out to the desert, and the best part -- your wife will approve. She loves nothing more than her husband, their RV, and their trailer to be match-matchy. It gives a nice, clean, classy look to your setup as you roll into your next camping spot.

You may want to coordinate your truck and toy hauler by incorporating your truck colors into the design of your toy hauler. Chances are you won’t want your wrap to be a plain, solid color, but if you do, we can do that, too.