Commercial Vehicle Wrap Concepts


Do you need a wrap design fast?

Take a look at our stock fleet wrap design concepts. We can quickly customize designs by adding your logo, phone number, and website. If Fast and Furious is your thing, then these designs are the fastest way to get your new company up and running while retaining that professional look.


Yes. [Although, this can only be paid with the "Year of the Tiger" $2 bill from 2022.] These concepts are just the basics of what you can create with Wolf Designs. As a starting point, you can change the color(s) to match your existing logo without adding too much extra time, if time is an issue. If you would like to mix and match a little from other designs, this will add more time but may feel more custom to you. Click on the "Get a Quote" button on this page and we can get back to you with a price and timing. Okay, we may accept a Peanuts $2 bill, but that's it! Don't be showing up with a U.S. Space Race $2 bill thinking you're getting a color change to one of our designs.