ALL ABOUT YOU We know you have a business to run and you’re always looking for ways to expand, increase revenue, and build your brand. Why not have a little fun in the process? Investing in vehicle and brand graphics yields an incredible ROI with an average of 50,000 impressions for each vehicle, every day. So, go ahead and splurge, it’s worth it! We specialize in large format graphics that are sure to catch more eyes and produce better results.

• Vehicle Wraps
• Environmental Graphics
• Food Trucks
• Brand Identity
• Signage
• Banners and much more.
WHAT WE DO WHY US ABOUT We pride ourselves on providing excellence in customer service while continuing to be a leader in our ever changing industry. With our professional team and knowledge, we provide the highest quality product to meet every need and provide you or your business with the perfect representation of what you are all about. Plus, mobile advertising gets 2.5x more attention than billboards and have a 97% recall rate! What started out in 1995, as a small family owned graphics firm located in Missoula, Montana, grew and relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona metro area in August of 2001. A move that facilitated growth and opportunity at every turn. Twenty-four years later, Wolf Designs continues to grow as a full service, large format printing, graphics firm and sign company.

GET STARTED Large or small, no matter the size
we have you covered.
FLEET GRAPHICS No project is too small or too large. If your a new business with your first vinyl wrap or a commercial fleet of 100+ vehicles. We can work with you in creating and installing the vehicle graphics for your business.

Put your deals on wheels and get the word out that your business is ready to grow, today.

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Everyone needs a great first impression ENVIRONMENTAL
Environmental graphics will dramatically reinforce your brand while encouraging customers to engage with you and your business. The first impressions they build once they walk through the front door will shape the experience they have. Your interior design is memorable will ensure your customers will have a reason to remember you.

Make your space match the quality work you offer so your customers won’t hesitate to sign on the dotted line.

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LEARN MORE Stand out from the competition
& attract the masses
FOOD TRUCKS Your options are endless for wrapping your food truck. Rest assured that your food truck will not only be highly functional, but also extremely attention grabbing. Transform your food truck into a restaurant on wheels with a custom vinyl wrap!

BRAND IDENTITY We set the direction for the visual elements that make up your brand. Your logo, color palette and typography will be unique to help illustrate you and what your brand is all about.

Establish a desirable brand that’s so memorable your customers can’t get it out of the head.

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